Simbra Rebranding

The Simbra Cattle Breeders’ Society of Southern Africa recently underwent an exciting makeover!

After a few months of consulting with the branding company, BrandNew, the Society’s marketing committee decided to undergo a rebranding adventure, where an enhanced logo and new tagline were developed. The new logo is a reimagined version of the previous one, that features enhanced colours, text that is unique to the Society, and an accurately placed “S-brand” that encompasses what the Society is all about – a standard of excellence.

The new tagline, ‘Optimise’, was chosen because it serves as a word that encapsulates the Simbra breed. The Merriam-Webster definition of “optimise” is “to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible.” It is a breed that can optimise any environment in which it is placed; temperate or tropical. In essence, it optimises time, function, location, and feed, to name a few.

The S brand was also upgraded to feature the new Simbra-specific font. That very font is the one in which this article was written.

The new logo and other rebranded resources can be found on the Simbra website, under the “Resources” tab, all the way at the bottom under “Simbra Logo”.

Whilst members are not by any means obligated to re-do all their marketing material with the new branding resources, we do encourage a slow transition to embrace the uniformity and unity of the Simbra Cattle Breeders’ Society of Southern Africa.

With a jazzed-up logo, a punchy tagline, a Simbra font, and a streamlined S-brand, Simbra is ready to optimise all that comes our way!