Feedback on Namibia Simbra Breeder’s Information Day at Ondeka Simbra

A Simbra Breeders Information Course was offered from 23- to 24 May 2024 by the Wilckens family, Ondeka Simbra. The Simbra Breed Director, Mr Kobus Bester, was the Course presenter and shared a lot of his knowledge and experience with the Breeders during these two days of gathering.

The aim of this course was to streamline Breeders with the latest information about genetic evaluation and selection in combination with breeding functionally efficient, structurally sound Simbra cattle which are able to cope with the challenges of future circumstances. The importance of correct nutrition at critical times was also emphasised.

As the most important step of successful breeding is the dust on the shoes in the pen, plenty different types of Simbra cattle were discussed and phenotypically evaluated mercilessly to sharpen the eyes of Breeders and to repeatedly highlight weak and strong elements.

Breeders have widened their experience a lot and found these two days most valuable to fine-tune their senses.

We want to thank Mr Kobus Bester for all his effort and sharing his wisdom and experience with all the Namibian Simbra breeders. We as breeders are grateful to have such a person amidst our Simbra Breeders family.